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The Data-Driven Advantage

WPCRM takes customer relationship management to a higher level with business-savvy implementation, deeper ERP integration, a long-standing track record for success, and a trustworthy team of experts.  Best of all, the decision-making data you need is readily accessible and easy to use - even on the go.  WPCRM's advanced Analytics and Business Decision Support tools allow your sales team to make executive-level decisions with confidence.



Most WPCRM customers are up and running with their CRM implementations within 90 days, regardless of their back-end ERP system.  The process will be even shorter if we've had experience with your ERP system.  Cloud and on-premises options available.


Dashboarding and Analytics in WPCRM can be as simple or comprehensive as your business needs dictate.  Leverage existing BI reports and data sources, or build them from scratch with our flexible dashboard designer.


Engineered from the ground up with usability in mind, WPCRM is there when users need it, and stays out of the way when they don't.  We've found that WPCRM's end users are some of the system's biggest proponents.

Quantifiable Return on Investment

WPCRM uses the quantitative data and performance metrics within your organization to create actionable reports, dashboards, and executive-level reporting, providing the tools you need to make sound decisions.  This information is accessible from anywhere - from a standard browser to a tablet to a smart phone.  Your team will experience increased efficiencies by using WPCRM's data analytics to create a series of automated tasks.

WPCRM gives you greater control over your marketing efforts.  Powerful profiling and automation tools make it possible to reach more customers, prospects, leads and vendors than ever before.  This kind of segmentation lets you target a specific group based on actual data, which in turn yields better results.

Finally, WPCRM's seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook allows for greater efficiencies, from time management to cross-departmental collaboration.  The latter allows for shared visibility to customer-related activity using WPCRM's proprietary activity feed.


The integration with our SX.enterprise system was seamless and very impressive, even with our highly modified SX environment. Our users absolutely love WPCRM - the implementation was an undoubted success.

Mark Johnson

President and CEO, Scioto Industries

As a WebPresented IT Consulting customer for over 7 years, I can say that the quality of the WPCRM product is every bit as top class as the other work WebPresented has done for us. Thanks to the entire WP team!

Terry McMahon

VP of Information Technology, Williams Company

After looking at several of the "big" CRM packages over the last two years, we are extremely happy to have selected WPCRM for our business. The package offers all the features of the other products, but with better integration into our ERP system. The Sales Management tools have transformed our sales team from a group of individuals into a well-oiled machine!

Frank Bromberg

VP of Sales & Marketing, Kraftwood Plumbing Supply

WPCRM has cost us only 20 percent of the price of alternative CRM solutions. The payback period was less than four months.

Shannon Donaghue

VP of Sales, Applied Paper


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