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WPCRM Resource Library

WPCRM is backed up by a world-class Development team, highly-trained Support Professionals, and enterprise-grade Business Implementation Consultants.  Learn more about how WPCRM can be implemented within your Organization.  The resources below cover everything from quantifying your return-on-investment, best practices for implementing CRM, how WPCRM leverages the latest technologies to provide better performance and stability, and lots more.



Features Overview
WPCRM Features Overview Demo Video

Walk through the core features of WPCRM, Learn about Account and Contact management, actionable Business Intelligence (BI), and WPCRM system navigation.

Sales Force Automation

Designing, implementing and tracking a Corporate Sales Process is simple yet powerful with WPCRM.  Covers Opportunity Management, Prospect Conversion and Pipeline Tracking.

Customizing WPCRM

Showcases creating custom fields, entities and searches.  Also discusses implementation of customized dashboards and how to tailor user experience to user roles.

Marketing Campaign Management

Learn how to create complex and successful Marketing Campaigns using WPCRM. Advanced profiling, targeting and tracking features provide the tools to maximize your Marketing efforts.

Integrated Business Intelligence

View advanced Customer-, Vendor-, Product- and User-level Analytics, and learn how your users can take advantage of your company's data in their business decision-making.

Video Web Shorts

Custom Field Creation

Creating a custom field for a contact record. This tutorial can be used for any entity where you can add a custom field.

List Building

A quick walk through on how to find customers who have purchased products for a specific vendor.

Case Studies

Better Price Margins and Improved Customer Satisfaction

Read how McNaughton-McKay uses event-driven business intelligence (BI) from WPCRM to maximize its Vendor Pricing Contracts.

The Key to CRM User Adoption: Integrated Business Intelligence

After several failed attempts at CRM implementation, find out how Scioto Industries' user acceptance soared after  switching to WPCRM.

Leveraging SX.e Sales Data to improve the Marketing Process

Discover creative and powerful methods used by GSG to transform their marketing efforts using WPCRM and data from their Business System.

Cross-Departmental Collaboration with WPCRM and Exchange

This study shows how one WPCRM customer brings in relevant support departments to help win major opportunities.

Building Brand Loyalty with WPCRM

This study shows how Travers Tool uses WPCRM to turn new customers into repeat purchasers.